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30/03/12 - News
1/4/12 -

Saffire has been in the studio and had  new pics done, hope you all like them! x

2/4/12 - Two new lady\'s, Stacey 19, Nina 33, both lovely, pics will be up asap x
8/4/12 -

Ellie has been training hard in the gym and getting fit for her marathon, so she thought it would be a good idea to hav a few new pic\'s done of her never ending toned legs. Enjoy xx

8/4/12 - New lady Stacey pics are now up on her profile page
20/4/12 - To our disapointment, Atthis has gone back to Italy for a short time, hopefully she will be back with us in May.
26/4/12 - Heidi has decided to take a brake from escorting, lets hope its not for to long.. :(  xx
16-5-12 - Martine  is taking some time out, a great lady, hope to see her in the near future.   
16-5-12 - New 19yr old Jamie, Nottingham escort Jamies is new to the industry, Stunning! 
4/6/12 - We are the only Nottingham escort agency that  operates a  one bedroom appartment, this gives all our clients the satisfaction of  knowing they have a 100% privacey, so no rushing, or ducking and diving, we also allow fifteen minutes after your booking before any other booking will take place.     
7/6/12 -

Danielle has now retired from escorting, we will all miss her, but wish her good luck xxx


4/7/12 - Sorry guy\'s, Lynette has left Nottingham and  is no longer avaliable, after finishing uni she has  left to go back home. x
13/06/2011 - Good news, Heidi is back with us after taking a few months break x 
29/07/12 - we have two great new teen Nottingham escorts, Milly and Stacey, both avaliable NOW!
13-8-23 - Kiera has today retired from escorting, all of us at feline are really sorry to see her go, Kiera has been a credit to our agency  and to the industry  in general. good luck Curly , see you soon  for coffee and are catch ups xxxxxx 
16-10-12 - Heidi has re located to bonnie Scotland, sorry guy\'s .. Good luck Heidi, and as you know all of us at Feline are going to miss you    
20/10/12 - New 1hr incall price, as from Sunday 21st of October for a limited time we can now offer all 1hr incalls  @ £140, given you a £20 discout on our current prices..... 
6-11-12 -

Nottingham escort Chloe Fendi joins us at Feline, new photos will be added ASAP

7-11-12 -

Poppy is taking a break for a few months, she will be back with us in the spring.

20/11/12 - Please beware, another local agency persists on takeing our photos and putting them on there site, at the  moment the lady in mention is Amanda, on there site as Rosa, as we all know this is false advertising, yet they do it time and time again.
26-11-12 - Elizabeth is back with us at Feline for the next three weeks
12/3/13 - We have taken Ellie of our web site for the next four weeks, she will be back with us in April.
12/3/13 - Angelica is off on holiday for the next 3 weeks
17./3/13 - Great news! Catherine has relocated to Nottingham therefore she will be available most days and also for short notice bookings .
17/09/13 - Hanna has decided to take a six month break, she will be back with us around April 2014. 
4/10/13 - Catherine and Ruth are now available  to book together as a double date
17.12.13 - Shannon is back with us at Feline for the next few months.
17.12.13 - Catherine and Jennifer are now available to book as a duo
17.12.13 - Jennifer is booked in the studio for new pics early January
30-12-13 - Great news, Ruth is now back with us on a part time basis 
7-5-14 -
7/5/14 -

We are sorry  to announce that Catherine will be leaving us at Feline on Monday the 26th of April, she will be missed by all of us.


7-5-14 -

Fraya and Claire havebeen in the studios, so look out for new pics to be added soon

7-5-14 -

Hope you all like the ladys videos, look out for Fraya and Claires to be added very soon.

8.5.14 -

Yesterday's news regarding Catherine's  leaving date  reads April, sorry guys it's May ! 

26/5/14 -

Catherine has now left us, we wish her the best of luck, she will be missed by all